Israeli Inch Closer to Blocking Internet Porn For It’s Country

With the massive upsurge in internet porn by alarming rates, the Israeli Ministerial Committee for legislation have collectively pass a bill to curb underage access to online porn. This will be made possible by forcing internet providers to repress pornography content by evasion. The bill states that if one needs to access the porn site, he/she will be required to notify the service providers in writing, phone or the service provider website for approval to visit the site.

Israeli law demands all internet providers to have content filtering systems and should notify their customers of availability of such options for parents to effectively use these options to par their children from accessing explicit content. Previous attempts by legislators to pass a bill to safeguard children against internet porn have bore no fruits with a section of organizations claiming that it is limiting freedom of information and that it is a violation of privacy by notifying service providers about access to porn sites.

Jewish Home, who sponsored the bill, says that they are aware people have a right any content they desire, but parliament and public leaders need to set good behavioral standards to the society by limiting access by kids to porn sites. Moalem adds that censoring will be carried out in a way that will uphold privacy and right to information and in the same time protecting the society from harmful content.

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